Smoking Down 3%

WASHINGTON, D.C. – New statistics from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show that smoking in New Jersey is down by 3% in the past year. According to the CDC, 14.8% of the adult population in New Jersey, aged 18+ years, which translates to over 980,000 individuals, are current cigarette smokers. Across all states, the prevalence of cigarette smoking among adults ranges from 9.3% to 26.5%. New Jersey ranks 3rd among the states. Among youth aged 12–17 years, 9.1% smoke in New Jersey. The range across all states is 6.5% to 15.9%. New Jersey ranks 8th among the states. These statistics reflect a 3% decrease in the n umber of smokers in the state.

New Jersey has a smoke-free law that provides for strong protection against exposure to secondhand smoke in workplaces and public places.

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