Stay Healthy while Traveling

ESSEX COUNTY, NJ - Memorial Day marks the beginning of summer. According to the travel agents association, summer travel will increase by 6% this year compared to 2016. The first step to take when traveling is planning. And just as you would plan ahead to get a hotel and a car, apply the same planning to your nutrition and exercise plan while you’re traveling.

1 // Stay active. This one is probably the easiest to do. Traveling includes sightseeing, walking, shopping, or even swimming in the ocean- all of which will keep you moving. Don’t just go to the beach and lay in the sun.

2 // Stay hydrated. Being out in the sun and moving around will naturally dehydrate you a bit. It is important to keep water by your side all day long. It’ll also help you from mistaking hunger for thirst. Your urine is probably the best indicator of your hydration (pale-yellow/clear).

3 // Pack food. When traveling we tend to eat unhealthy food. Try to pack teas, plant-based protein powders, hemp seeds, chia seeds (great for digestion), granola bars, or homemade muesli.

4 // Research local dining venues. Ask the locals where they eat for healthy dining out options. Most often than not, eating the cuisine of the locals is healthier than eating at an American franchise. In Mexico, you’re better off eating an authentic Mexican cuisine full of fresh ingredients than going to a Mexican franchise restaurant you could easily eat back home.

5 // Start with a salad. When dining out try to start with a salad or any other vegetable heavy dish that’s available. This will not only help keep you full, but also help with digestion.

Happy and Safe Summer!

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