No New Charter School in Bloomfield?

BLOOMFIELD, NJ - The Bloomfield Township Council officially voted against a proposal to establish a charter school at 683 Bloomfield Avenue. The vote was held during a regular meeting of the Council last Monday. Currently, the proposed location for the school is used by the Sacred Heart Academy.

The Bloomfield Conservatory Charter School had applied to the Bloomfield Board of Education earlier this year, seeking to establish a school that would serve approximately 250 students in grades 6 to 8.

Last month, the Bloomfield Board of Education adopted a similar resolution following a heated debate over the value of the proposed new charter school.

The main concern made by council members is that opening a new chapter will defund Bloomfield’s education system by $2.3 million. “For me, rerouting 2.3 million dollars away from out already underfunded education system is undermining”, said Carlos Pomares, Councilman-at-large, during the council meeting, “We need to support the Bloomfield system, not make their task any more challenging by limiting further their budget”.

Residents also expressed their concerns in interviews to different media outlets. “I am against opening a school that may or may not meet the educational standards we have here in Bloomfield”, said Alexa Mateo, a Bloomfield resident and a mother to two children who currently attend Bloomfield’s public school. “This school will only bring our taxes up, which are high already”, concluded fellow resident Eli Aronoff.

An appeal by the Bloomfield Conservatory Charter School is expected to be filed.

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