Your Taxes are Going Up

BLOOMFIELD, NJ — The Bloomfield Board of Education submitted its annual budget for the school year 2017-2018 last week. As a result of the proposed budget, taxes on the average home in Bloomfield, assessed at $270,700 will increase by about $200, which represents a whooping increase of 2.89 percent over the current rates.

When asked about the sharp increase in budget, the superintendent of schools, blamed the decreasing state aid, which used to be over a million just a few years ago.

After the final budget hearing last Monday, several residents who spoke with “The Essex Times” stated that they plan to demand a more moderate budget. “The superintendent should be removed from his position,” said one resident who asked to remain anonymous, “policies like his inflate the budget, but do not provide better education to our children”. “Taxes are out of control in Bloomfield,” said another resident who has been living in Bloomfield for over 20 years. “If this trend continues, the town will see many people living to neighboring town where tax increases are not as high,” she warned.

The Mayor of Bloomfield has not intervened in this matter yet.

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