Green Criticized

EAST ORANGE, NJ – City Council Chairman and 3rd Ward Councilman, Ted Green, is facing heavy criticism for attending an anti-Trump rally in Newark last week. The East Orange mayoral candidate participated in East Orange 5th Ward Councilman Mustafa Brent’s “One United” event, which turned into a nasty demonstration against the President of the United States.

At the rally, Brent thanked all elected officials, including Green for taking part at the event. Green himself said that he believed that attending the event was the right thing to do. However, he ignored questions about his strong opposition to the President and what he plans to do once the federal government and the state will cut funding to the Essex County city because of his actions.

Recent acts by the East Orange council aiming to turn East Orange into a sanctuary city for illegal and undocumented immigrants threaten to hurt the city by isolating it from the rest of the state, getting cut of all government funding, currently keeping it afloat.

“Green is bringing East Orange down,” said one resident, “he is creating a strong division between us and the rest of the nation. The nation voted for Trump, the nation supports Trump’s policies, and he should accept that and not go against it”. “He is bringing East Orange down,” said another resident, “he is going to raise our property taxes after we lose the money that we are now getting from the government. He is bad news to East Orange”. Many residents The Essex Times talked with believe that if elected, Green will significantly raise taxes in order to cover the deficit caused by the cut in state and federal funding.

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