More Believe that “Country is Headed the Right Direction”

ESSEX COUNTY, NJ – In a survey conducted by The Essex Times, 57% of respondents said that the US was headed the right direction. Only 43% said that the country was not headed the right direction. These numbers represent a jump in those who believe that the country is headed the right direction: only 28% were optimistic back in September 2016, just before the elections, and 72% were pessimistic.

Essex County shows larger faith in the direction the US is heading compared to the national average. 40% nation-wide believe that we are heading the right direction, an increase from only 18% back in summer 2016.

These numbers come at a time when the White House is under attack from democrats as the Trump administration is laying out its plans for the country. “According to the survey,” says statistician Paul Lieberman, “Essex County is optimistic with the direction we are heading as a nation. There seems to be a large support to the Trump policies”.

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