Fares Expected to Be Reduced During Summer Work at Penn Station

ESSEX COUNTY, NJ - Train fares are expected to be reduced for commuters during the major renovation work at Penn Station this summer, officials say.

Commuters have been bracing for a tough summer as Amtrak is scheduled to spend eight weeks fixing equipment inside Penn station beginning this month. Daily delays are expected. The work should end by early fall.

A New Jersey government source had asked the MTA to lower fares for commuters who take trains that end up diverted during the weeks long project.

"Riders who travel from New Jersey to New York will not be able to go to Penn Station this summer because of the repairs. They deserve a discounted fare for enduring the inconvenience of a disrupted commute," said the source.

MTA Acting Executive Director Ronnie Hakim agreed that "some customers are paying for a service they won't be getting this summer and they deserve a fare decrease."

"We intend to follow the governor's lead and make sure our riders are fairly compensated," Hakim said in a statement.

Many New Jersey riders, especially from Morris and Essex counties, will be effected by the project.

It is expected that commuters will get a discount of about 50% during the work.

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