A Gun Seized at Newark Liberty

NEWARK, NJ - A loaded gun was seized from a passenger at Newark Liberty International airport yesterday morning after the passenger took the gun to a security checkpoint in a carry-on bag, officials said.
A spokeswoman for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) said that a loaded .25 caliber handgun had been spotted by the TSA as the carry-on bag was being X-rayed at a checked-in in Terminal C. The spokewoman added that the 59 years old passenger told officers that he hadn't realized that the gun was in his bag. The passenger was then arrested by Port Authority Police on weapons charges.
This is the second time since the beginning of the year that a passenger is arrested at Newark Liberty International airport after the TSA detected a loaded weapon.
The TSA reminds passengers that weapons, including firearms, firearm parts and ammunition, are not permitted in carry-on bags. Travelers who bring firearms to the checkpoint are subject to criminal charges and civil penalties.

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