West Orange Protest

WEST ORANGE, NJ — While President Trump is about to conclude his first 100 days as President of the US, a small group of activists decided to protest in West Orange. A couple of dozens of residents marched in provocation around the front of Town Hall chanting slogans against President Trump. “We need love, not hate,” said Sean Clark, one of the protestors, “we want equality. Trump is not the one who will deliver equality to all”. Other protestors were more extreme, claiming that Trump was not their president. “Trump’s language is inappropriate for the leader of the free world,” said one of them, “he is a terrible role model for our kids”. “Trump’s policies are a disaster and he is going to harm us, as a nation, economically and politically,” said another angry protestor.

Demonstration organizer, Ethan Blake, a college student and West Orange native, said that the purpose of the rally was to send a message of solidarity. Blake admitted that he was opposing Trump’s ideas such as the Mexican border wall and the ban on Muslim immigration, ideas that are favorably viewed by the public. Blake did not state what the next steps of his movement would be.

While some motorists honked in support of the rally, others were outraged by the provocation. “I believe that Trump can build a strong middle class by supporting small business owners,” said Howard Johnson, a small business owner from West Orange, “he will bring us a real economic recovery. Obama’s recovery was anemic and only helped the top 1%”. “People don’t understand the threats this country is facing,” said another resident who opposed the rally, “we don’t want to become like Europe, where people are afraid of the next terrorist. Trump will put a stop to that.”

When asked by The Essex Times about their immigration beliefs and the travel ban, both sides presented a different approach. “We should accept the refugees with open arms. They are not coming to harm us,” said Blake. On the other hand, Johnson said that “we don’t want refugees who bring terror to the U.S.” He continued to justify Trump’s notion of banning refugees and other immigrants from Muslim countries from entering the U.S. “They are radical Islamists, and I don’t want them here. Trump is the only one who can keep our borders secured,” he concluded.

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