A New Jitney Route in West Orange

WEST ORANGE, NJ —The township of West Orange will get its much anticipated sixth jitney route in the next couple of months. The route will cover both the Redwood and Pleasantdale sections of the township. No specific stops have been decided yet, but Mayor Robert Parisi is assuring residents in an interview that the township is committed to focusing on the Pleasant Valley Way and Eagle Rock Avenue corridor.

Pleasantdale resident Simon Denville is happy about the new jitney route. “This would definitely help residents in my area”, he says, “instead of driving to the train station, look for a parking spot, park and take the train, I would take the jitney and get to work without any worries.” Sharon Murphy, a Redwood resident, also welcomes the change. “This will improve the quality of life and will reduce the number of commuters driving their own cars to work”, she says, “I am glad that beyond the convenience it provides, the mayor is thinking about the impact on the environment”.

The Essex Times found out that a group of commuters has worked on mapping a route for the new jitney and they intend to present it to the township. The proposed route starts at Congregation Ahawas Achim B'nai Jacob & David on Pleasant Valley Way and goes up to Prospect Avenue and Whole Foods.

Cost is also a consideration for the new route. According to Council President Joe Krakoviak, each of the five existing routes costs roughly $65,000 to operate. Krakoviak has suggested charging for the jitney rides. Based on a previously published analysis, every dollar charged per day would cover approximately 20 percent of the jitney’s total operating cost. Krakoviak has not indicated how much he suggests the township should charge. Township officials who asked to remain anonymous told The Essex Times that discussions revolve around charging $1 to $3 per day, which would cover between 20 to 60 percent of the cost. Mayor Parisi, however, tends to oppose charging commuters for riding the jitney. The mayor views the jitney as a service the town should provide tax payers for free.

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