Commuters Get New Option with OurBus

NEW YORK, NY –– After tasting success during the first week of service, OurBus, Inc. has announced additional departure times and stops to the Livingston and West Orange area. OurBus, a technology company, received various requests to increase service after their initial launch of the Livingston-West Orange-New York commuter route on July 10th. OurBus indicated that it was pleased to experience success as the first crowdsourcing technology company to implement a new bus route based off the requests of commuters themselves.

In addition to appreciation from commuters, New Jersey Mayor Robert Parisi of West Orange expressed his gratification for the luxurious and cost-effective OurBus commuter route. “When I learned of the OurBus technology, focus on our community, and opportunity to provide yet another option for our current and future residents, I was happy to offer my support in any way possible.” Parisi explained, “"One of the biggest selling points of living in West Orange available to our residents are the commuting options to Manhattan. As our community continues to grow, we continue to receive feedback with suggestions to enhance these options for commuters.”

Passengers can board OurBus to New York city at several stops in Livingston and West Orange. Starting Monday, July 17th, OurBus included service to West Orange Essex Green Shopping Plaza and additional stops along Northfield Ave. The OurBus route drop-off in New York City is at Times Square, Bryant Park, Grand Central and Madison Square Park. Beginning July 17th, OurBus launched 6 inbound trips in the morning and 6 outbound trips in the evening.

From Livingston, a one-way trip is priced at $9.50, round-trip at $18, one-way monthly at $165, and round-trip monthly at $295. From West Orange, a one-way ticket is priced at $9, round trip $17, one way monthly at $155, and round trip monthly at $285. Residents can book their first ticket at no cost. Tickets can be booked on the OurBus app or at

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